You’re Not as Badass as You Think You Are – But You Could Be.

As a professional fighter, I thought I was pretty badass. In many ways, some might say that I am. However, upon discovering ReadyMan, I realized there are a ton of areas in which I am lacking.

I was first introduced to the ReadyMan cadre as part of their Thursday Morning Coffee segment. After the discussion, we were invited to take a quick hostage escape and evasion course.

Using just the Hostage Escape and Evasion card (and a few cool tricks), Jeff Kirkham demonstrated how to escape handcuffs, duct tape, ropes, and pick locks. It was awesome.

A couple of weeks later, I took my first ReadyMan Home Defense course. This is where my eyes were opened to just how little I knew.

I have always considered myself a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to manly skills. However, being surrounded by former Special Forces Operators showed me that I still had a lot to learn.

Becoming more Badass

After completing the training, I then was selected to take part in the ReadyMan Challenge 6: Hostage Escape and Survival. The competition pitted our team against other ReadyMen in a series of events, designed to test our survival skills in a hostage scenario.

This included escaping restraints, cannibalizing our vehicle to make tools and shelter, and engaging with hostiles. To say that it was a blast is a complete understatement.

scr een-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-24-35-pm
In just a few months since joining ReadyMan, my skills and abilities had increased drastically. But I knew this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Since then, I have continued to learn new things and subsequently become more badass. The funny thing about adding to your skillset however, is that it becomes quite addictive. (But in a good way)


For most people, once they graduate school and start a career, the progression of learning slows way down. It is an unfortunate side effect of our complacency to settle into a lifestyle of routine.

To combat this, we must find on outlet that is both interesting and challenging. With the American male on a steady decline of masculinity, what better way to wake up your inner badass than becoming a ReadyMan.

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