How the SOF Guys of ReadyMan Do It


Visit just about any shooting school and they’re going to teach you how to “clear your house” in case of an intruder. But ask the guys who’ve “cleared houses” for a living, day in and day out, and they have some pretty shocking perspective.

Talk to them long enough, and you come to realize that Special Forces soldiers are low-down, dirty-rotten cheaters when it comes to getting in gunfights. Here are the home defense hacks devised by the devious minds of the SOF guys of ReadyMan.

Chad Wade (US Navy SEAL vet)

For starters, I’m not inclined to leave my bedroom if I don’t absolutely have to. Moving throughout my house, even if I’m a great shooter, is very risky. I’d rather put my wife and kid in the bathtub (where frag can’t get them) and shoot anything that comes through my bedroom door.

On top of that, putting a deadbolt on the bedroom door is a great plan as well. It buys me a second to wake up and grab a weapon before someone waltzes into my room.

For this “bunker up” approach to work, I need to have a very solid family home defense plan in advance. My kids need to know exactly what to do – either stay in their rooms, leave the house or consolidate somewhere specific. Having loved ones milling around the house in the middle of the night with guns and a possible intruder is a recipe for a blue-on-blue shooting. I can’t think of anything worse.

Home Defense Weapon of Choice: Sig Sauer P226 9mm (Because I know it inside and out and I can operate it scared-shitless and in-the-dark.)

Evan Hafer (US Army Green Beret vet)

I’ve practiced house clearing a million times. When I was single, my roommates and I would actually shoot .22 handguns, live ammunition, inside our house at phone books to practice room clearing (not recommended.)


I’m comfortable clearing my home and I’ve practiced it many, many times. But, as much as I’ve practiced, there’s still the risk that an intruder will line up on a corner with a gun and silently wait for me to come around. That’s a very hard scenario to beat.

But, if you suspect that someone’s in your home, eventually you’re going to have to clear it – unless you call the cops to do it for you. You’ll never get back to sleep. So, I practice clearing the rooms of my home with special attention paid to the “mud sucks” where intruders can hide and I might pass them by.


The bigger question is “what do I give my wife?” She’s back in the room waiting for me to clear the house. I would prefer that she not shoot me.

I am 100% convinced that bear spray is a phenomenal weapon and I’d rather my wife bear spray me accidentally than shoot me accidentally. I put this to the test during the ReadyMan Bear Spray Challenge when I took a full shot of bear spray to the face then shot steel with my Glock. I managed to hit steel, but that was a very, very bad experience. I’m convinced that it would stop an attacker. Actually, I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather be shot than bear sprayed.

Home Defense Weapon of Choice: Glock 17 9mm (I believe the 9mm ballistics are superior to .45 and the Glock is the most solid platform anywhere.)

Jeff Kirkham (US Army Green Beret vet)

My secret weapon for home defense is practice. Clearing your home for the first time when you think there may be an intruder is definitely NOT the preferred method. I practice during the day – so I can clearly see all the nooks and crannies – and I practice during the night – so I can see what I’m not seeing.

Running this scenario with a training gun is also a great idea, as well as practicing with alternate weapons such as pepper spray, a stun gun or a baseball bat.

Still, at the end of the day, my most-effective home defense weapon is probably my Doberman. She is a ferocious beast and would be the immediate assault and alarm to any intruder in my home.

Home Defense Weapon of Choice: Glock 17 9mm (Because I always agree with Evan.)

Logan Stark (US Marine Scout/Sniper vet)

When I was in Afghanistan, there were numerous “blue on green” incidents where Afghanis would defect and shoot up some Marines. Sleeping with a sidearm became second-nature.

Now, stateside with a girlfriend, that doesn’t work so well. I’ve adopted the “Hollywood Approach” where I stash weapons all over the house. The kitchen junk drawer has pepper spray and a knife. There’s a handgun under the sink. There’s a knife under the mattress.

Truth be told, you never know what “state of dress” you’re going to be in when the SHTF, nor do you know where you’ll be in the house, so having options makes all the difference.

Home Defense Weapon of Choice: Glock 19 9mm

Jason Ross (Regular Guy – just for kicks)

I’ve probably only fired 20,000 rounds through a handgun, which isn’t very much compared to the SOF guys. I’ve completed many handgun courses, but I don’t trust myself to be 100% bomb-proof with a handgun in the middle of the night. (Too many times I’ve shot in high-intensity “kill houses” and lost track of my front sight.)

I prefer an auto-loading shotgun. My first round is bird shot, so that I can make a mistake with my first round and not necessarily kill the person on the other end. However, my next round is OO Buck and then a slug. If I know someone’s busting in my bedroom door, I’ll blaze right to the buckshot.

Home Defense Weapon of Choice: Benelli M4 (Actually, my two Schutzhund-trained German Shepherds are my first line of defense.)

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