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ReadyMan Q&A Show – Modern Bushcraft History

On tonight's show, the ReadyMan crew sit down with resident bushcraft expert, Tyler White, to discuss the history of modern bushcraft

ReadyMan Q&A – Suppressors

Jeff and Jason are down at ReadyGunner, talking about everything you need to know about suppressors

ReadyMan Q&A – Marijuana Higher than the Law

We teamed up with Badge Cams, Baker Leavitt, and Funker530, for an open discussion on marijuana and its varying degrees of legality in the U.S.

ReadyMan Q&A – General Mattis

In this live show, we discuss the appointment of General Mattis to the position of Secretary of Defense and what it means regarding the status of men.

ReadyMan Q&A – Risk and Action

ReadyMen Jason, Jeff, and Rory continue the "Value of Men" series, talking about how leadership and taking charge require both risk and action.

ReadyMan Q&A – Decision 2016

Jeff, Rory, and Josh discuss the 2016 presidential election, the purpose of the electoral college, and what this all means for the future of our nation.

ReadyMan Q&A Show: War with Russia?

ReadyMen Jeff, Rory, and Logan, sit down to discuss our relationship with Russia and the possible implications recent event may have for the future.

ReadyMan Live – Texas Hunt for Pronghorn Antelope

ReadyMan Logan Stark just got back from a Pronghorn hunt down in Texas and is recapping his trip and discussing what he learned from the experience.

ReadyMan Live: Ultralight Backpacking

Jason just finished a 3 day, 40 mile backpacking trip. In this video, we go over how going ultralight might be your best bet for bugging out.

Currency In The Apocalypse – ReadyMan Webinar

ReadyMan Team members Jeff and Jason discuss the relevance of trade in a SHTF scenario using the new Plan2Survive app as a guide.

ReadyMan Live: AK vs. AR

Jason and Jeff answer the great modern day firearms debate. What's better? The AK or AR and which rifle is better from a prepper's perspective.

ReadyMan Webinar 7/25/16 The American Electoral Process

In this weeks webinar Jeff and Jason discuss the electoral process and where we are at in the country's current election process. As always we discuss what this means for...